We became frightened by the amount of PET bottles and bottled water. We decided to try and do something about it and so invented an alternative to bottled water – the filtration device LOKNI. We are dreaming about the world where anybody can draw fresh (sparkling or still) water into their own bottle, anywhere and anytime.


One bottle is enough

When we started 7 years ago, we had no idea how popular LOKNI will become. Nowadays you can find us in tens of schools and companies. At universities we are within the reach of about 100,000 students. The whole LOKNI community has already saved more than 10,000,000 PET bottles. If even this number seems to be too abstract for you, try to imagine for example 200 fully loaded trucks that never started their journey.

It seems unbelievable but every minute a million of PET bottles is sold in the world. However, not even half of them gets recycled…

Our mission

We are doing a good thing not only for people but also for the environment. We would like to build a large network of LOKNI and thus save hundreds of tons of plastic every year. When we teach people to drink healthy water from their own bottles, they will not need to buy bottled water.

The stronger the community connected to LOKNI, the more plastic will be saved.
Thank you for caring about the environment and saving plastic.


Martin Václavík, CEO Filtermac

CEO, Martin Václavík