Tramtadadá! Vyhlášení soutěže!

Vyhlášení je tady. Děkujeme všem za úsilí, se kterým jste se vložili do kreativního vymýšlení sloganu a názvu naší "modré bedny". Dostali jsme od vás přes 1200 návrhů. Dalo nám sice práci si všechny projít, ale musíme se přiznat, že to naše odborná LOKNI porota dělala s chutí a často se u toho velmi bavila.

V kategorii SLOGAN/CLAIM vyhrává 10 000 Kč Táňa Maršálková za slogan "Z lásky filtrovaná", sice jsme si ho nevybrali, ale velmi nás inspiroval ke sloganu S láskou filtrovaná, který chceme od teď používat úplně všude.

P.S.: S Táňou se spojíme a domluvíme se na předání výhry u nás v kanceláři.

V kategorii názvu zařízení jsme si bohužel nevybrali, a tak zůstáváme u názvu LOKNI. 

Rozhodli jsme se ale ještě ocenit skleněnými lahvemi další zajímavé i vtipné slogany, myšlenky, říkačky, rýmy a přesmyčky,

Láhev jako dárek od nás získávají:

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Na předání se s vámi domluvíme prostřednictvím e-mailu.

Gratulujeme vítězce a všem ostatním děkujeme, že jste pustili svou kreativitu na špacír.




testovali jsme novou čtečku

We tested a new scanner

During May and June we tested our new scanner at the University of Economics and Business. You can just place the phone into the scanner and you can start drawing water immediately. Apart from more precise scanning of the QR code you have got one hand free, which was much appreciated by the students. We would like to install the new scanner at most places in September.

Ceremonial opening of Filtermacs. The whole TBU drinks for free.

Good news for anybody who likes microfiltered water and at the same time wants help Nature and save unnecessary plastic. Tomas Bata University has got the water filtering device for you. It is called Filtermac and you can draw either sparkling or still water of the top quality from that. What’s more, the water is FREE for all the users from 6th April.

We would therefore like to invite you to the ceremonial opening that will take place on 6th April. You can meet there the representatives of the school, the operators of BEZPETEK and also people from the FILTERMAC company. You will enjoy the speeches, get some useful information and taste the still as well as sparkling water.

P.S.: The first 25 people with the Filtermac application will get a glass bottle for a few drinks here and there around the university.

6. dubna 2022

U5 at 10:30 (lobby)
U18 at 11:30 (behind the reception on the right)
U4 at 12:30 (2nd floor behind the lift)
U11 at 12:30 (2nd floor at the staircase)

The best waste is the one that does not even come to existence

Filtermac represents an alternative to bottled water and it helps save PET bottles because you can draw the water into your own bottle. One filtration device saves approx. 2.83 tons of plastic per year and the whole Filtermac community has already saved more than 6,500,000 PET bottles.

How does that work?

Students download the Filtermac application, register and choose a tariff in the application – Sponsored TBU. After opening the application there is a QR code that can be easily scanned by the Filtermac scanner and then the students can immediately draw either still or sparkling water for free.

How to use Filtermac? (Video tutorial)

Advantages of drawing with the app?

Everybody has got a perfect overview of their water intake and the daily limit is 3 litres of water. They can see their personal statistics – how many kilograms of plastic they have saved, PET bottles, amount of CO2, which would have come into existence if the bottled water had been transported.

Download the app for Android and start drawing
Download the app for iOS and start drawing

Why to draw from Filtermac?  

Thanks to the complex filtration through the activated carbon filters, Filtermac rids the water of all the undesired tastes and smells and removes all the particles and impurities bigger than 0.2 micron which can be normally found in common tap water. Thanks to the special treatment of the water using the UV light, the device also liquidates the undesired bacteria and microorganisms.

novnika - nefiltr na filtermacu

Unfiltered beer into your own bottle!

We have answered the pleas of students and from May on there will be a new type of Filtermac available at universities – NOFILTER.

„Glassmakers, paddlers as well as cyclists all have their light beers but students have been neglected. They also deserve to have beer within their grasp! They will appreciate this wholesome ionic recovery drink namely during the exam period when their performances get heroic. We believe that in this case a lot of PET bottles will be saved as well,“ mentioned Martin Nepil from Filtermac

We want to do a good thing

We became frightened by the amount of PET bottles and bottled water. We decided to try and do something about it and so invented an alternative to bottled water – the filtration device Filtermac. We are dreaming about the world where anybody can draw fresh (sparkling or still) water into their own bottle, anywhere and anytime.


One bottle is enough

When we started 7 years ago, we had no idea how popular Filtermac will become. Nowadays you can find us in tens of schools and companies. At universities we are within the reach of about 100,000 students. The whole Filtermac community has already saved more than 700,000,000 PET bottles. If even this number seems to be too abstract for you, try to imagine for example 200 fully loaded trucks that never started their journey.

It seems unbelievable but every minute a million of PET bottles is sold in the world. However, not even half of them gets recycled...

Our mission

We are doing a good thing not only for people but also for the environment. We would like to build a large network of Filtermacs and thus save hundreds of tons of plastic every year. When we teach people to drink healthy water from their own bottles, they will not need to buy bottled water.

The stronger the community connected to Filtermac, the more plastic will be saved.
Thank you for caring about the environment and saving plastic.


Martin Václavík, CEO Filtermac

CEO, Martin Václavík