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We are dreaming about the world without PET bottles

We became terrified by the amount of PET bottles and bottled water. We decided to do something about it and therefore we invented a perfect alternative to that – LOKNI. We are dreaming about the world where anybody can draw fresh sparkling or still water into their bottle, anywhere and anytime.

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people who have LOKNI within their reach


saved kilograms of CO2


saved PET bottles (0.5 l)


kilograms of saved plastic in total


people who have LOKNI within their reach


saved kilograms of CO2


saved PET bottles (0.5 l)


kilograms of saved plastic in total

How to do it?

It is so easy!

Stáhni apku

Download the app

Download the application (iOS or Android) and register easily.

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Choose your tariff

Monthly or Yearly? You can draw FREE water on trial for up to 30 days.

Čepuj vodu

Get the water

Scan the QR code on the scanner of the device and start drawing sparkling or still water.

I want to know more

8 good reasons

why to drink with LOKNI

Better taste

LOKNI filters the water, which means it rids the water of bacteria, impurities and microplastics (bigger than 0.5 nm), chlorine as well as potential smells.

Cheaper than the bottled one

The price is always favourable, for 1 CZK you can get up to 3 litres of water. With the sponsored tariffs it is for free.

100% care

We take good care of the LOKNI network. We regularly exchange the filters and sanitize the devices.

Wide network

The completely installed network will offer more than 120 filtration devices all over the Czech Republic. However, that is not the end of the story.

Fresh and healthy water

Sparkling or still – our water fulfils the criteria of the National Institute for Public Health.

Saving plastic

When drawing water into your own bottle you help Nature. Together we have helped to save 7 million PET bottles. One device saves about 2 830 kilograms of plastic per year.

Water in motion

LOKNI is connected to the water mains and so the water does not stay in it.


Thanks to the application you get an overview of your water intake as well as of the saved plastic. You will be pleased by the personal as well as community statistics. You can download it from Google Play or App Store.

What is up?

Archive of news

Map of LOKNI

Find your own LOKNI! We are continually enlarging the LOKNI network all over the Czech Republic.

Choose your own bottle

An elegant one made of borosilicate glass or a practical stainless steel one, which will live longer than you? Find your own.